Cistus × purpureus 'Alan Fradd'

Rock Rose

Cistus × purpureus 'Alan Fradd'


Cistus are a good choice for a small shrub in a hot, sunny garden. They are all evergreen and have amazingly pretty, papery flowers in either pink or white. It’s hard to single out just one variety as they are all lovely, but the flowers of ‘Alan Fradd’ are hard to beat - pure brilliant white with maroon blotches and bright yellow centre. Cistus make very neat shrubs and although each flower is short lived, when it blooms in summer it is rarely without some colour. Originally from the Mediterranean and Canary Islands, they are very drought tolerant.


Needs a sunny spot but otherwise trouble free. They like a well drained soil, so add some grit when planting. Give a light trim once flowering has finished to keep its tidy shape, otherwise they need very little attention. A great plant for the front of the border or for growing in a container.


June and July


It tends to look good with other drought tolerant plants like Yarrow, Golden Marguerite and Artemesia.


height - 1m
width - 1m


• Cistus × purpureus - darker pink flowers.
• Cistus laurifolius - 2m tall and with pure white flowers
• Cistus × argenteus 'Silver Pink' - has rose pink flowers and slightly smaller.


Cistus laurifolius

Golden Marguerite