Ceanothus 'Puget Blue'

Californian Lilac



A lovely evergreen shrub with very blue, very distinctive flowers - they look like little puffs of pure colour. The shrub is covered with flowers in spring and is a great marker that the warmer, brighter weather is here. The leaves are small and dark green, so a good foil for other plants which flower later. There are different varieties of ceanothus - all with varying blue flowers (Puget Blue has the deepest, richest blue of all), flowering in spring or late summer and ranging from 1m to 6m in height - so check the label when buying!


Ceanothus need a sunny, sheltered spot and are ideally grown against a warm wall. They are fast growing and to keep them from getting too straggly, cut back a third every year after flowering. A good, interesting choice for a hedge.


April/May or August/September


The strikingly blue flowers that cover this shrub in spring and early summer look lovely with brightly coloured tulips and paler blue Forget-me-nots. Once the flowers have faded, the dark green of the leaves make Californian Lilac a lovely back drop to everything. For the spring flowering varieties underplant with later Daffodils. Also consider Brunnera whose beautiful blue forget-me-not flowers will mirror the colour of the Ceanothus. For the late summer flowering varieties, pair with dark red Knautia and bright white Sneezeweed.


height - 3m
width - 3m


• Ceanothus arborus ‘Trewithen Blue’ - slightly paler blue flowers and bigger - 6m x 8m
• Ceanothus thyrsiflorus var. repens - low growing variety - 1m x 2.5m
• Ceanothus 'Autumnal Blue' - flowers later - August to october
• Ceanothus 'Burkwoodii' - flowers late summer and is smaller - 1.5m x 2m