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Mulching is one of the best ways to stop weeds.

Mulching (= putting a layer over the soil) smothers weeds. It is a barrier that stops light and air getting to any seeds and prevents them germinating. A thick layer (at least 2-3inch) of either well-rotted farmyard manure, bark chips or gravel are all good. However, for the really tenacious weeds you need something stronger. Thick black plastic or old carpet provide a good, pretty impenetrable barrier. You can also buy special weed suppressing fabric (Mypex). All of these look pretty horrible so cover with pebbles or bark chippings to make it look prettier. Carpet is the thickest, best thing but it’s not very maluable, so use Mypex for tricky areas where you need flexibility. You can put the Mypex between established plants that you’re growing in the garden. Don’t expect the weeds to die over night, but once you’ve covered them over you can just leave them and forget them.

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