Lupinus Band of Nobles

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Purple Lupin


A cottage garden favourite that has lost some of it’s popularity, but Lupins are great plants for a bit of height and drama in the border. The flowers are like spires and can reach up to 1.2m tall. They come in blues, red, yellows and white and their leaves are nearly as pretty as their flowers.


Likes a sunny spot, although can cope with some shade. Slugs and snails love the leaves as they start to growing in the spring, so watch out or they will eat the lot before the plant has a chance to get going. Also, protect from frost in late autumn by covering with mulch as they can get damaged and either fail to materialise the next spring or grow in a very distorted way. The flower spikes can grow up quickly and may need staking. Watch out the seeds are poisonous if eaten.


June to July


Other cottage garden favourites like Lavender, Wood Sage and Roses are all lovely companions. Also, Cotton Lavender with their perfect round flowers look striking against the spires of the lupins - see picture below.


height - 1.2m
width - 0.6m


• The Band of Nobles series is considered to be the best group to buy.


with Cotton Lavender