About wikigardening

Hello, my name is Lucy and I live in London. I have two dogs two daughters and a rambling garden that I wish was neater. I started writing wikigardening in 2010/11 - it's all slightly blurry now. I love plants and photos and I wanted to add something useful fun and interesting to the plant website world that others could get involved in.

I remember how intimidating it all was at first. There were the latin names and incomprehensible gardening terms to cope with and I couldn't find many accessible places to go and learn from.

The aim of this wiki is to demystifying gardening and thereby help more people get more out of it. It's an open place to engage and encourage all gardeners - from the starter to seasoned. A place where anyone and everyone can share their enthusiasm, knowledge and opinion.

I wanted to start what I wish I had when I was beginning - a vibrant and friendly place to find out and share all things gardening.

As I live in London and so everything on the site is very UK focussed. I also love perennials and haven't grown much fruit, so there are obvious gaps in the things written about so far. That is hopefully the joy of the wiki, anyone can join in and write about what and where they know.

If there is anything you want to write about and there isn't a section for it yet then please do email me: lucy@wikigardening.com and I will try to sort it out. Please also contact me if you have questions or comments.

This is a wiki and it needs people to live!