Planting Bulbs

Bulbs are superb plants for the garden, being both cheap and easy. It is important to buy healthy bulbs. Avoid any that are obviously damaged, shrivelled or feel soft. Ideally, plant within a week or keep them in a cool place or they may start to sprout.

Bulbs are easy to grow.

• They just need a well-drained soil and some sunshine.
• As a general rule, plant bulbs two times their own depth and around two bulb widths apart.
• Plant bulbs with its top facing upwards and roots facing downwards. If unsure, plant it on its side.
• Replace the soil after planting, break down any large clumps and firm in gently. •Water well after planting.
• There are two bulb planting seasons.

Season 1 = October to January. These bulbs will flower the following Spring.








Season 2 = Spring, once frosts have past. These bulbs will flower in the Summer.


African Lily



Crocosmia'George Davison'.jpg



When growing bulbs in a pot.

• Pick a container that is the right size for the size of the flowers you will get. The pot should be at least the same height as the flowers, it can be bigger, but not smaller.
• If you are using a pot with a large drainage hole in the base, cover it with a piece of broken pot or you may find the hole gets clogged with soil and doesn't drain properly.
• One of the best soils to fill the pots with is John Innes No2. Don't use cheap multi-purpose compost. It's too light and doesn't hold water well, so it dries out really quickly. Then, once it has dried out it's almost impossible to wet it again as the water just runs round it.

Bulbs in pots need more care than those planted in the soil.

• Keep the compost moist in warm weather.
• In cold areas you can protect them from frost by wrapping the container with bubble wrap over winter.
• If you have problems with squirrels digging bulbs up, cover with a piece of chicken wire to prevent them digging the bulbs out. Remove it when shoots appear.

To naturalise bulbs in a lawn.

• Take a handful and scatter on the lawn.
• Plant each bulb where it lands.
• Use a strong trowel or bulb planter to get through the grass and pull up a plug of lawn.
• Drop the bulb into the hole and crumble the plug into the hole.
• With smaller bulbs you can lift up a piece of turf and plant a group of bulbs
underneath then replace.