VERY EASY to grow

Close up of Cos Lettuce


Sow between March and June for summer salads - Rocket, Cos ‘Little Gem’ and ‘Mizuna’. Mizuna is amazing, it grows like a weed and has a great flavour. You can sow it in spring to summer and then again for winter salads from August to October along with - Mustard 'Red Frills’ and ‘Green Oak Leaf.’


Sun to part shade. Not fussy about soil unless it gets waterlogged.


Excellent plant to grow as it’s so expensive to buy and so easy to grow. It is known as a 'cut and come again' plant because if you leave the roots undisturbed and just take of leaves you can eat from the same plant for weeks. There are also winter varieties to sow from late August to March that will give you lettuce on Christmas Day. Best planted where they are going to grow as lettuce generally hate being moved. When the seedlings start to grow, they often appear in clusters so thin them out to leave only one seedling in each spot - give lettuce a lot of room.


Watch out for Slugs and snails eating the juicy seedlings. Once the plants are a certain size they seem less prone to attack but are very vulnerable at the start. You can lose a whole row in a night.