Le Jardin Extraordinaire

Alison sent in this beautiful photo story of her visit to an extraordinary garden:-

"I went to a garden created by a cooperative of artists and horticulturalists in the Ariege countryside. They open to the public one weekend a year in August and have shows and events for all ages. It was extraordinary, a little wild and different to any garden I saw before. I thought of you whilst I was there and took lots of photos to give you an idea."

The website for the garden is:-

If you have been to this amazing garden or know of any reviews - please let us know!

Lejardin1.jpg Lejardin2.jpg Lejardin3.jpg Lejardin10.jpg
Lejardin14.jpg Lejardin19.jpg Lejardin13.jpg Lejardin8.jpg
Lejardin9.jpg Lejardin4.jpg Lejardin11.jpg Lejardin12.jpg
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