July to do


In The Garden

• Oh the never ending weeding!
Bindweed may be flourishing, try and keep on top of it.

• This is the time when you will see Rosemary Beetles. They can really devastate a young lavender or rosemary, so keep an eye out.

• Now is the time to do a bit of serious deadheading so you can get your plants to flower for longer

• If you have gaps in the borders then you can add in some summer bedding or late flowering perennials. Here is a list of what flowers when to help you choose the best plants.


On The Veg Patch

• Keep feeding your tomatoes and Strawberries so you get lots of lovely fruit.

• Keep sowing seeds of quick growing plants like Lettuce. This means that you will get a steady stream to harvest, rather than a glut. Click for more help on sowing seeds.