November to do

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In The Garden

• Plant bulbs October - January is the time to plant the bulbs that will flower next spring - so daffodils, tulips and alliums. Planting Bulbs

• Mulching Great time to add a thick layer of mulch to the soil. Mulching

• Clear up fallen leaves - especially from lawns, ponds and beds

• Prune roses. Here's a quick, clear guide to pruning roses

• Make a winter shelter for beneficial insects. How to build a shelter

• There's less food around for the birds so why not make your own Bird Feeder?
This brilliantly easy How to is from


On The Veg Patch

• You can still plant lettuce seeds like Mizuna.

• Put out seeds and water for birds. Click below for the RSPB list of what and what not to put out.