May to do

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In The Garden

• It's time to start weeding. It's best to get ahead in the fight against the weeds. The new weedlings will be quite easy to pull up as the roots won't have managed to get really established yet. With the perennial weeds like Dandelions - now is a good time to try and get at and dig them up before they mingle and get lost in all the lush new growth of the spring/early summer garden.

• Final chance to plant Spring Bulbs.


On The Veg Patch

• You can continue sowing seeds outdoors. Click here for more information on growing Vegetables. Or click for more help on Growing:Sowing.

• If you haven't already - now you can plant out the strips of vegetables that you will find in the garden centres. As a rule vegetables need a sunny and sheltered a spot. Keep an eye on Slugs and snails as they can decimated a newly planted row of seedlings.