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in the garden

what to plant:

  • Spring Bulbs - still time to plant summer flowering bulbs like Lillies and Cannas
  • Plants generally - As long as you live in a fairly frost free place - so not the Scottish Highlands! - then you can think about adding to your garden stock. Spring is an excellent time to plant - the weather is warming up and there is more light in the sky, but it isn’t too hot, which can be very demanding for new plants. However, put in only hardy plants like trees, shrubs and Perennials. Summer bedding should wait until May.

on the veg patch

what to do:

what seeds to sow:

what plants to plant:

  • Onions, Potatoes - maincrop
  • Tomatoes and strips of all kinds of vegetables from garden centres - Rather than growing from seed, you can easily buy seedlings from garden centres and this cuts down some work as tomatoes are best sown in pots rather than straight into the ground. Only plant out towards the end of the month as tomatoes can’t take a frost (colder areas wait until May). Plant in as sunny and sheltered a spot as you can find. Keep an eye on Slugs and snails as they can decimated a newly planted row of seedlings.